Sunday, June 04, 2006

Less melancholy, more regular.

My sis is back. As in, finished her studies and back for good. Actually, both of my siblings are graduating this year and as for me, probably would be leaving next month. I wonder does that explains why everyone is encouraging me to stay here because it's nearer to home.?

Usually when either one of my siblings are back for holidays, I'm quite thrilled. But silently. I won't want to look like an excited 6 year old waiting for her Big Brother Billy to come home everynight and rocked me to bed right.?

When you're the youngest in the family, or you can called it the forever endangered protected species especially when you're a girl and being alone here with both parents is like...Erm....Enough said, you get the picture. I'm not being ungrateful what so ever just that their full attention is completely concentrated at me only. And that I'm quite a homely girl, I stay at home a lot. Well most of the time being in my own room only. My parents are of course great people just that, in this span of 3 years, I'm always the saucy beef steak SQUASHED between two pieces of hamburger loaves. And trust me, being the temporary only child ain't that good all the time. All though you do get extra pampered, you get extra lectures and loads of unwanted unnecessary attention too. And can't blame me when I hide stay in my room all the time.

Another thing, I woke up this morning thinking that there will be exactly one more month before starting another new life. Since last November, things have been moving at a pretty fast and slow pace at the same time. Two years ago, I spend the 6 months SPM break doing practically nothing minus the fact that I spend 3 weeks overseas and 5 weeks stuck in my dad's office and so-called work.

Not that I'm doing much now, besides the fact I didn't go traveling this time and spend 6 months staying here growing mushrooms with 2 weeks baby sitting teaching spoiled brats and another 3 months dedicated in substituting my part time maid and still is now.

I realized in this hyper long break, I've watched countless of movies, read quite a few books and even made much more and regular entries in my blog than I ever did in this 2 years of blogging. Can you called this a productive break then.?

There's people telling me to really find a job and I seriously don't see all the fuss about it. I told them I do have a job, and that's cleaning my house 3 to 4 times a week and do mountains of ironings. After all, it's right under my nose, and the house needs help anyway. Plus, it's a job that I get to sleep until the sun set or whenever I desire. Not to mention the extra allowance I get.

Well, I do complained a lot before this. Having to wake up with a lazy feeling all the time and here comes the "I have to clean the whole damn house AGAIN". But now, I've actually grown used to it. Not that I'm saying I don't need my maid anymore, I still can't wait for her to get back and I actually even dreamt about it. Just that when you have no choice and even though you're doing the task rather unwillingly at first, sooner or later, you'll get used to it. In fact, the other day when I was busy being a free tour guide and skip quite some chores, the skin of my tiny hands started to peel when I get back to the old broom. I wonder was it the effect of my sun burn or my supposedly fragile hands?

Anyway, posting a pretty regular entry today. Read back a few previous entries of mine earlier and noticed that they have been rather melancholic. Well, gotta take a break sometimes and guess it's time to go out and breath some fresh air.!!



Pyin said...

finally.. not so 'deep' entry!! >_<

hehe.. i 'feel' u bout being d centre of attention whn ur bro n sis ain't around... even though i HAVE a little sis.. but it seems tat I HAF 2 b d 1 doing this n tat.. PLUS STUDYING!!!((chinese)) dun fil like a holiday 4 me.. =( * jus at nite though * =P

btw i think u mean STPM instead of SPM?? =/ hehe.. at least NOW u knw how to clean up n stuff... U'll nit it during ur days in UNI.. =)

Plunny said...

Well, it's not the thing bout being the only one here for them to bossed around, it's the unnecessary attention that's not only I don't need but its sickening. Its SPM my dear, I was talking bout the break two years ago. I do know how to take care of myself, with or without my maid. Plus, she's only comes 3 times a week arr...