Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love and hurt..Parallel.?

Today, dear mom unload some real life stories to me, I felt blue again. Which revolves around what hurt you most always happens to be what you love most. Or more familiar known as, the one who hurt you the most is always the one who you love most.

After all, if you didn't love the person enough, how could their action possibly hurt you that deep.? It sucks, but reality speaks otherwise.

Why does loving someone with giving everything you have will always end up getting hurt with nothing left.? Because they're not the right one who deserves it.?

What if you have no choice.? But you're born to love them.? Are you that cold blooded to ignore the blood relation in between.? Even if you've lost them once, when they come looking back for you, the sad teary face begging for your help and sympathy, how could you possibly has the heart to turn them away.?

You've always love them till every bits, but they're also always the one who conveniently hurt you till your roots and make you wish you they were never born. And they happens to be the only one who can make you happy again after all the damages they caused.

But then, if you're damaged that badly, is it possible to recover.?

For me, I trust its a curable disease. It's just the matter of time and who's the magic curer. After all, nothing is impossible. Of course, assuming the fact that the culprit could no longer be the one who makes you happy anymore. How sad, yet you felt a sudden relief. No more burden, no more sadness but you lost the special joyous feeling too, the one that can only be given by one person.

There's no such thing as dying permanently inside while you're living outside. Unless you're buried six feet under the ground, there is still hope to turn it inside out. Is either you be the pusher yourself, or you just sit by and wait for the motivation or person to come knocking in your doors and start the healing process.

To bring you back alive as a real person with inner and outer contents, your reincarnation. Not only a walking body without a soul that doesn't feel a thing or a moving and talking mannequin that's hollow inside. Empty.

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Pyin said...

the more they hurt you.. the more they care about you... wat a load of crap!.. haha

it's just to say tat.. being honest can hurt you sometimes... it's a challenge..
gotta accept it so that u can grow... being hurt emotional takes a long time to cure.. we all know that.. so.. take it easy.... take a break.. have a kit kat!.. haha.. gues i'm starting to get sleepy too... XD