Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My life is bored for now.

"Hai! So bored lar. How you spend your time one arr.?"

Okay, so what was I suppose to answer.? Me, who spend 90% of the time in my room, 5% outside, 1% bathroom, 1% living room, 1% kitchen, and miscellaneous 2%. My sister who just came home for ten days after spending three years studying away from home, and practically going out all the time everyday is actually moaning bored to my ears. How am I suppose to tell her how did I manage to pass this almost 7 months doing practically nothing.? Tell me, what then is considered bored.? Or perhaps, I'm a boring person, that's why I don't feel the extreme boredom.? No, I feel it alright. Just that I'm immune to it already.

You call this life.

1 comment:

Pyin said...

maybe she's signalling you to lend her the PC ... that's why she's complaining to you that she's bored and such..to annoy you.. remember.. DON"T GIVE IN!!!! hahahahahhaha *extremely evil mode* XD