Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Those Were The Days

Last night, it rained. It was so heavy that it once again cut off the electricity while I was watching England and Ecuador and I lost yet another long unfinished unsaved post. To hell with SESB. And I should off my PC whenever I'm away. -.-!!

The rain continued till the whole morning, covering almost the whole day. The sun was hardly seen. Hiding behind the soft bed of heavy clouds concentrated with water preparing to launch to the earth with every hard drop cruising all their way down from the sky.

Some say the grey sky contributes more to the melancholiness because of the gloomy feeling, in other words, blue. Some say it reminds them of certain memories, especially blue ones.

Someone once told me that rain reminded him of his childhood. Watching those water droplets falling down from the atmosphere slowly, creating moist in the air while patches of water started to accumulate on the ground. Especially those muddy earth with holes, watching every drop of water plunging down, touching the water surface followed by little round of waves breaking the surface tension, slowly filling up the hole.

The smell of rain and soil mixture fills the air, tickling your nostrils, bringing you back to the era of your childhood, where the biggest crime committed in life is being caught by the queen of all, mom for playing under the rain. These flashes always makes you ponder back to the sweet old days, days you no longer have, days when back then, you hope you'll grow up faster so you don't have to listen to your nagging parents anymore. In a blink of an eye, you're hoping to go back to those innocent care-free days.

AH! Those were the days.

These old memories, are like bitter sweet chocolate. There are kiddies stunt that makes you laugh your belly out, there are also those which reminds you how disappointed or a loser you once was. But whatever is it, its what makes the today-you.

I remember being scared by my elder siblings. Especially my brother who loves to jump out of no where, behind the door, behind the curtains and whatever creative places he can come out with, scaring the timid me which usually ends up with me screaming. Once, running to mom with tears streaming down my red hot cheeks. Trust me, my brother succeeded big time in one of his attempts. Or perhaps, I'm just a coward. HA!

There was also the funny moment where each of us compete to finish up our dinner, ensuring not even one single tiny bit of rice are left in our plates, showing it to Dad, hoping for a GOOD or simply a thumbs up. Or when we'll try to impress some dinner guests by helping out to clean up after dinner where we rarely do with my parents raising their eyebrows wondering what in the world are we doing or trying to prove. HA! Innocent yet hypocrite.!


When I was five, I took an egg from the fridge and gently put it into my school container. I was feeling proud that I'm handling an extremely fragile object successfully without causing a mess or breaking it, until my maid come screaming at me. I was puzzled, with a halo of question marks dancing on the top my head, having no idea what's wrong with bringing an egg to school.? I mean, its still the same hard rock egg where all you need to do is peel the shell slowly and it's smooth white flesh will be there ready for consumption already. But the innocent me back then didn't knew at all that an egg taken directly from fridge is inedible!! I hadn't the slightest idea that it was raw!! I thought it was those boiled egg!!

Extreme hilarious stunts pulled when we were really young that brings out our smile or silly grin sometimes can really brighten up a gloomy day. Or some little painful scenes serving our punishment that reminds us how idiotic we were back then.

Childhood, it shapes up the person you are today. It leaves a great memory behind and marks a great territory in your brain cell even when you're already an adult. Telling you from time to time of what you've done and what you haven't.

Some people say, childhood are suppose to be happy memories, no-worries days that are full with love. I guess that's the normal picture most people usually have. But I guess everything changes as the world grows older and things get uglier day by day. Can I say I have a beautiful childhood then.?

I'll just say I miss being a kid.

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Pyin said...

those were the days.. yeah... we all love being a kid...me too!!! >_< that's when everything we do are jus plain cute,silly,funny... if we did wat u did when u were five.. ppl will call u stupid... -_-''' ..but it's ok once in awhile.. to think back about the past i meant.. not the egg incident.. XD

things change once u grow older... with great power.. comes great responsibility >_<... u 'll remember the old days when it rains huh? yeah.. tat's practically wat u can do when it rains.. calming and beautiful.. i like rainy days... XD