Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm getting a little woozy woozy. Instead of the usual blue. Perhaps is the sudden fact or fate that bestowed me, that I am indeed really leaving soon. It felt like being slapped straight in the face, to wake me up. Only, I was awake. And the smack hurts. Big one. (With an enormous red colour hand print lying beautifully and proudly across my face.)

By the way, I hardly dressed in blue colour. But I guess, its just a word resemblance. My usual choice of black colour tops simple speaks out my melancholy. Loudly.

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Pyin said...

my dear friend.. y you're saying that entering Uni like a big burden like tat ah!! haha..tot you wanted to go and live your own life? ^_^

sometimes.. things don't go the way we plan/hope for ... that's what alternatives are for.... =) don't worry... it's a new environment.. with your strong personality... you can face that world... hope you can make new friends.. blend in well.. and you better not forget me!!! XD

wish you all the best darling.. * hugs *