Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dear Old Friend

They made their red carpet appearance last night when I was walking to another faculty for a compulsory subject, ethnic relationship. There were around 10 of us walking together and those in front of us was shocked by they're sudden emergence out of no where. Even though we've been expecting them to show up sooner or later, it was still quite surprising and even entertaining. There were two of them, one crossed the road and started to come towards us which explains why our friends were getting terrified. While the other one just stayed stationary at its place at the side of the road, looking at its pal's action either trying to scare us or being friendly. Those of us at the back were getting courageous and ask them to just continue walking and don't bother them. It was kinda dark and we couldn't make out their exact face. Even though their movements were rather hilarious. We were warned earlier by our seniors about their domination in this campus and to beware of it since some could be quite aggressive. To the state they would grab food from your dormitory's table through the window or put up a stern scary face and try to chase you around. Freaky dear old monkeys.

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