Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Eat eat eat....

I've been living on countless amount of cookies, or what you called biscuits. I haven't really started on instant noodles yet, because the day will come undoubtedly and of course, will linger around for a very long time.

Our college's cafe, according to seniors is much better than last year and besides the fact that all dishes consists of Malay food, its still fairly edible. Which I chose to only dine on it for dinner only and rather live on cookies, wafer cubes or bread for breakfast and lunch.

The good news though, there's Chinese food catering for Chinese students here. Of course under the college's own Chinese society which appears like a joke to a fellow high school mate when I told her Miss Banana Kelly actually joined the Chinese club. Hahaha. How hilarious. Though, its only for dinner and for me, even though I'm a little choosy with food, I guess its even better because I don't have to crack my head every night when I visit the cafe and figure out what to eat that night.

And Chinese food catering has just started this week. Four nights a week. With a reasonable price and I'm more than bloody thankful for it for I no longer have to endure a seven days a week hot and spicy curry dinner which apparently contribute to my nose bleeding incident. HA.!!

Anyway, today marks the third week I left my dear beloved hometown. And my back hurts because of the soft mattress and yes, I'm bedsick homesick.


Ianfluenza said...

Sooner or later it might be necessary for you to move out and prepare your own meals? I won't say much about living on biscuits and wafers because I've been through that stage. I hope you are still aware that those options are still nowhere near healthy. Try sandwiches?

Plunny said...

Haha....i guess its a common stage we have to through whenever its time to leave home heh.? Sandwiches, yeah but not always, good breads are hard to get!