Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I hate Wednesday

Blame him. He's the only one who lectures in Malay excluding the Ethnic Relationship lecturer where the subject is in Malay. He made it compulsory for half of the class to take up an extra subject this semester which is supposed to be taken next sem. And a major one mind you. He practically told us to drop another non major subject which most of us didn't. Because well, dropping it now means double work next sem and well, we just didn't. Why.? This extra sub is more to field work. In other words, fun. HA!

Creating a pretty packed schedule for the Chinese in his class. For miraculously, the cut off line in the name list where its cut half to join this subject, are all Chinese. With a few Malays and Indians. And there's only like 28 Chinese in a class of 74 persons.

Wednesday begins with an hour class at 10 in the morning. Next class being at 3 pm. I'm awfully blessed for being arranged into a college that's freaking near my faculty. I can just wake up five minutes before a lecture and still manage to get my ass down there and be on time. Yes, believe me, less than a month here and I've already done that. Not on purpose of course. HA!

Class ends at 4, though this class is my least favourite one because he's the Doctor who lectures in Malay, even worse when he wants our assignment to be done in Malay too. Crap, being the reason that because if it's English, student just copy paste from internet and there it goes, our assignment. Fuck, how degrading for us who wouldn't do that. HA!

One more thing, most of our class are held in different lecture halls, no matter its the same subject. Yes, that's pretty usual. But its rather sad to say that, our department is the only department without our own building in the entire Faculty Science and Technology, namely the largest Faculty in the entire uni. Such a pity. Making us nomad students. Traveling from Chemistry Block, to Biology Block to Physics Block and even Nuclear Science Block which is not exactly within the faculty area and the furthest away where it happens to be also the location of this double 3 class, 3pm on Wednesday. I wonder when we'll start to have class in the Mathematics Block and Geology Block too.

Anyway, after this less favorable class, I have to rush back to room and get a shower before heading to another class at 5. Yupp, sounds like an hour in between leaves you plenty of time hor.? Well, not really when you have to walk here and there no matter how near you are. Worse if you're staying far away. You either just don't go back, and hang around till lecture time.

Class proceeds till seven, get back to room and dinner and head for another class at 8. Another boring compulsory Malay preaching for 2 long hours. And that's when the day finally wraps up.

Wait! NO!!

You see, night classes ends at 10. Therefore, clubs meeting are always held after 10 at each college's foyer. Which well, unless you keep to yourself completely, you're bound to enter one or two club for the sake of simply getting more new potential partners friends or creating some contribution to the college so you can stay here again next year.

Trust me, if it wasn't for this college's strategic location and facilities, I don't think anyone would want to stay here after their mandatory first year.

And taking up 19 freaking units out of 20 for your first sem is clearly inadvisable according to certain people. Well well, what's been done is done. I'll just have to live and work through it.
I hate Wednesday! And Monday! And Tuesday! Okay, that's about it.



Ianfluenza said...

Hehe... At least you have a lot of exercise? Hehehe! And I hate Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sunday nights!

Anonymous said...

smile and u'll find out tht the world is a better place.

-nick- 4.30 pm 31/7/06