Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm a Banana.!!

Being not Chinese illiterate, it proves to be quite a problem when it comes to remembering Chinese names. Not to mention when you're blending into a complete new and unfamiliar environment where you usually mingle around your own race. And that's why it proves to be quite difficult for me here since everyone introduce themselves to each other with their Chinese name which of course often comes with two words instead of a singular English one. Plus, being a Christian, I have a Christian name or simply an English name that actually come first in my Identity Card. Enough said.

There was actually this fellow who bluntly corrected my Chinese when we were having lunch and I barely knew him for even 10 minutes and when I claimed I was a banana, he turns apologetic immediately.!!

It makes things much easier when I just proudly admit the fact that I'm a banana and my Chinese literacy is only enough for speaking and understanding and perhaps reading some simple text messages. Honesty is the best policy.? HA.!

Another thing, ever since the first day I got here, we're approached by countless of clubs and societies and this and that, mainly Chinese one. Reason being we're the minority in this university and we have to unite to blablablablablabla.

A quick dinner in the cafeteria alone only, you can spot seniors hunting around for new caught fresh fish and load them about what XXX club's activities and advantages or benefits are and Yadayada. Or a simple trip to the campus centre, where most club's offices or mini marts or book shops or photo shop or optician or post office or what so ever is situated there and you can spot countless of Chinese people holding stack of papers which of course consists of forms asking persuading you to join and the list goes on.

I guess I forgot to mention that there also seniors who come knocking at your door, getting to know you and of course handing out pamphlets about what or who they're representing and the recycle goes on and on. Only last night alone, our door was knocked thrice.

Excluding the annoying seniors in the cafeteria that I once practically told them boldly that I'm honestly not interested and they actually still have the guts to go on and promote their activities. And blunt Miss Kelly just told them once again "You don't have to blab so much about it because we're not kids even though we're new and freshman because if we're really interested, we'll go." And that finally shut Miss and Mr. Three Inches thick face away and leave us back to our still untouched dinner.

Forgive me for being such a pain in the ass or a bitch full of sarcasm but it's quite useful when it comes to shutting off other annoying frustrating brats just because they're senior they think they're like gods to us. Sad to say you're not and I'll respect you equally as a senior providing the fact that you respect me as your junior too, not some brainless babies you can launch your brain wash plan.


Merv Kwok said...

Those seniors would make good insurance salesmen or telemarketers one day. I recommend dangling a silver cross off your neck. They're allergic to that.

Plunny said...

Hahaha...Not a bad idea....