Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm waiting

I hate the feeling of sitting in the bus stop, looking down the road, waiting for the bus to arrive. It's like the only thing you can afford to do now is wait. The anticipation is so bothering that you wish so much to wipe it away. Unfortunately, it's not like the chalk scribbling on the black board.

The expecting feeling lingers around for so long. Perhaps the bus scenario is a much simpler one and hardly emphasizes the strong message behind the actual nerve wrecking sweaty palm anticipating minute second.

I dislike the feeling of waiting for something you're not sure of. Always waiting for an answer that you do not have the slightest idea when will it decide to pop out and say hello to the expected or unexpected solution. Such anxiety is nonetheless what disturbs you most from foot to toe and unknowingly it will affect your daily routine

Hating the feeling of a never ending line is as much as troubling as being waited. Being worried, concerned or just simple naive innocent pure caring feeling deep down from your genuine heart towards a certain person or a particular object.

Creating unnecessary concerns, something that could be making those who loved you most, who care for you genuinely without a slight hope of return, running wild because of waiting for you.

Because of you.

Being the one who's being waited for, doesn't feel good at all. It gets worst when things didn't turn out as it's supposed to be. It's such a disappointing, sad, depressing feeling and most of all, the guilt that's running in your blood, reminding you of your unthoughtful and childish act, when you created a mess, causing everyone to go frantic for you.

You do not know the difference of heavy and light. All you do know is yourself. Your own benefits, advantages. The selfish you, controlling you, at the same time destroying you by bits and pieces.

Quick!! Be really fast. Or else, you'll be done, when your body is completely eaten by the selfish bacteria. And you'll be the rotten decomposing creature being left for no one or nothing else more.

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Ianfluenza said...

Hehehehe! Seems like you're having a good time there... Ditto with the waiting in uncertainty part! And I hate waiting for buses and trains!