Thursday, July 20, 2006


Tell me, what sort of waiting moment is the worst.?

Beside the simple bus agenda earlier, constant glancing at the watch waiting for time to pass, or the moment to arrive is just as heart wrenching like the former one. Perhaps even worse.

The fugly scene of waiting for the minute and hour needle to reach your desired destination seems like forever. All of a sudden, it seems like time froze, or just plain extra slow when you're obviously paying more attention to the tick tock tick tock sound coming from your wrist. How strange, when time is always moving in the exact same speed. Such a different perspective towards a certain fixed issue provides such a different angle of outcome too. I guess looking forward for time to pass is such an enduring almost excruciating torturing bits of a short few minutes, perhaps even seconds.

Patience is a virtue.

Patience will achieve more than force.

I wonder is patience highly overrated for more than what it really worth's.? I doubt.

Pardon me, all of these were written in the middle of a lecture where the level of boredom can almost touch the sky. Where a supposedly qualified experienced doctorate lecturer is just practically sitting down in front of the laptop reading to herself. Where all the texts at the same time is being projected on the screen in front of more than 300 students. How efficient.

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