Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A friend of a college mate brought us out yesterday. Eventually, he was an UKM grad that’s working somewhere near us and voluntarily brought 4 of us out for some Chinese food indulgence after an entire week full of curry and curry and more curry.

Of course without doubt, we awarded ourselves with pork and pork and pork dishes. Hahaha. We took a short shopping trip to Mines which I have to declare that I sympathized our dear friend for tagging along us despite the fact that he’s the one who drove us around and still have to wait for us ladies. Ladies first.? HA!

We catch a movie before proceeding with our groceries shopping and eventually continued to the famous delicacies here, Kajang Satay. According to our friend, the place he brought us was filmed before and that’s the best Satay place in the area and after tasting it, I think its slightly overrated even though it does do taste good. But not divine like Baskin Robins ice cream. HA!

Anyway, for the first time in my life, I was touched by a horror movie where the story line is different than usual horror movies but still with the same old predictable ending even though the contents are slightly colourful.

It rose up loads of common issues of the society, abandonment or just simple expulsion or just throw away some old stuff. The range of it was so large that normally, you'll hardly give it a second thought before actually throwing away certain things.

The abandonment of the movie begins when the main actress, a writer threw away scribblings drafts of her next book which is a horror story and that story came to life and revolves around her. Spooky heh.?

The scene proceed to a place where old rotting materials in different sizes compiled everywhere. From small tiny stuff like rugged dolls, old toys to gigantic theme parks equipment like the pirate ship and there was even old books that’s thrown away. There was this strange scene where these unwanted books are all collected in a special place where there was a whole mountain of it while surrounded by sky high cabinets full of books and lifeless people working to repair those ancient old books.

And these are only simple examples which to us, does not seems like such a deep impact to today lives. But things turn a different angle when it comes to the abandonment of people and real solid lives.

This include graves that’s forgotten, as in our ancestors that’s buried six feet under no longer plays any roles at all in our hectic life that we just simply decide to turn a blind side to it. Pushing it to the furthest side behind in our obstinate brain cells that of course in other words means they do not have any significant at all. Ignored or abandoned.?

There was actually a fictitious scene where dead people was sitting down next to their tomb stone, waiting eagerly for their descendants just to pay a short visit or simply hoping some mutual respect to them, the deceased. Even from their already rotten face with flesh sinking deep into their sculls, you can still see their sad and disappointed expression. Okay, so I exaggerated.

There was also a tunnel where unborn babies are all attached to the reddish jelly wall that’s rather disgusting but to think of it, it gives the feeling of amnion fluid and placenta inside a mother’s womb. Just that these babies no longer exists. No, they never really actually did exsisted. They were abandoned by their own flesh and blood because of their irresponsible act of conceiving them and do not possess the slightest intention at all to even have them. Hence, here comes the high statistics of abortions.

This movie is rather inspiring and emphasize a strong message to the society screaming WAKE UP.!! It’s a neat production, feels more like a fantasy movie than a supposedly horror one.

I wish I could write more about the movie besides the fact that it starred Malaysian born award winner actress. The movie kinda makes me felt that I shouldn’t continue my attempt on continue writing The Dream because of the impact of it. And the cyber's noisy surrounding now is drivng me crazy and i'm getting out of here fast. NOW.!!

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