Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So what I'm tan.?

I really couldn't understand why does certain seniors has the heart or so called determination to keep persuading juniors to join this and that club. I mean, this doesn't only apply to this semester's beginning only, the cycle repeats every bloody year.

And every year, there's still a number of thick face seniors born or dedicated seniors who's out there fishing for juniors to continue their faithful role next year.

I sincerely hope I would not be one of them. But then, I think I do get to decide to not become one of those flyers and pamphlets distributors or whatsoever. For I seriously do not think I possess such generous or rich patience to recruit new members by annoying juniors.

And I thought seniors are supposedly our role models by giving a good impression but seems like the picture they're obviously showing us is be an annoying frustrating person and preferably, a persuasive one.

I know, this is a rather finger pointing post, but I guess its a usual thing when one is frustrated by a number of seniors approaching all the time, and the best way to shut them of is the useful, "I've registered already" or when hand outs are given, "I got it liao". And well, they'll naturally walk away. And if they don't, this simply means they're more than the ordinary thick face personnel you think they are and be prepare for another long winding lecture of the advantages and benefits of this super club you're about to join BLABLABLABLA......

Usually, Chinese are approached by other Chinese and I have to say, by looking not very Chinese, this proves to be an advantage as they will sort of doubt a while and think whether should ask me or not or some just practically don't approach especially when I'm alone. But its rather sad when they can't tell you're a Chinese since your features are screaming outside, I don't look Chinese.!! Hai, poor me.

I just happen to be born tan and I'm learning to love it. Naturally. HA!!


Ianfluenza said...

Actually, is it really that hard to shut them off and just leave? or was it that you're too nice to shove them aside with curt dismissals?

Plunny said...

Hahaha...i was trying to shut them off and be polite at the same time...Hahaha....