Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two places at once.

I spent a few days shopping in KL with my mum and sis when I just got here last week and it was rather exhausting where at the end of the day, it felt like I lost my feet. And this feeling continued till the last day in KL in which my uncle brought us to Ipoh. (Imagine the feeling of my feet separating from my body over and over again, that's how tired my squawky duck feet are)

Why Ipoh.? Because it's about 2 hour drive from my uncle's place and he's dying to meet his 18 months old granddaughter. There was nothing much to do there. We arrived in a small town called erm, I can't remember what it's called already but I'm sure the name starts with a letter B. And the coffee shops there are full with local goods like those biscuits and cookies and so on.

We arrived in Ipoh and had Chinese dim sum breakfast which I have to say nothing was really that spectacular other than they have this "curry chicken pao" that's the size of an entire plate. Yes, it's a gigantic bun. And No, I did not taste it because I was already stuffed.

We didn't really strolled around the streets of Ipoh, we practically spend few hours in my uncle's daughter in law's place chit chatting but it seems more like we're just waiting for time to past and here comes lunch hour.!

You see, the only highlight we were told and of course expecting in Ipoh was the famous Steam Chicken and Tauge (Bean sprouts). And curry mee. Uncle's son brought us to his famous place for these dishes which was actually again, filmed by some Hongkie which is a well known food commenter. I have to admit I do watch his show even though I couldn't remember his name and there were pictures of him and newspaper cutting of it hanging around the place.

Well, to sum it up, the chicken was nice, smooth but lack of the real divine taste of chicken flesh. The bean sprouts and curry mee is nice. Okay, I'm not much of a food describing person for I'm more to the practical part and that's eating. Haha.!!

Well, one thing about Ipoh was that I realized their shops are rather erm, filthy,? Even the one which was broadcasted on International TV earlier has a rather clean wall but the floor was well, dirty. Not to mention other shops which aren't renovated as nice as this supposedly famous one.

Not being criticizing but just a comment of someone who's from far away. And that reminds me of being here, far away from home and handling responses from people. Beside the usual weird remark I get since I'm from somewhere across the Largest Sea in the world, (note: it's sea, not ocean) , some would ask why did I choose here for it's so far away from daddy and mommy or that I'm courageous enough to come alone and live in the middle of no where and hardly know a soul. Or those idiotic so called urban city people who wonders if I still live in a jungle.

I have to strongly declare here, I'm not from a jungle, I speak fluent English though not advanced, I'm computer literate and Kota Kinabalu happens to be a much bigger city than many other cities or town in Peninsular just that we're not as highly ranked as KL. For an instance, it's a much better than the place I'm in now, Bangi or Kajang and even Ipoh.!

So please stop detesting me just because I''m from a place that has Orang Utan as it's mascot and their thick and rich rainforests.!!

To note, my lecturer actually said that he's considering a trip to the second longest river in our Boleh Land and longest river in our land below the wind, Kinabatangan River for our possible research trip whatsoever.

Oh ya, forgot to mention I'm taking Environmental Science. Till then.!!

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