Friday, August 25, 2006

Am I Busy.?

Perhaps landing myself in this course is rather fortunate for it involves field work. Meaning to say, less lectures, more outings. In other words, fun.

For the first half term as freshmen, we have two trips. Two weekends consecutively. Ah, rather tiring, but I guess when the fun manage to find their way to us, all the energy thrown out just make it worth it heh.? Too early to tell perhaps.? Guess we'll see. We'll see.

The first one begins tomorrow, involving only half of the class. Leaving in the morning and only getting back on Sunday night even though its a damn near place we're heading to. Still, looking forward towards it. Will blog about the trip when I get back.

Second one will be next weekend, right before the mid sem break. And this time, we're traveling further to the east coast of peninsular, the Cotton Island and the entire class is involved.

I'm tired and not in the mood for writing my usual thinking thoughts. Just an update of my campus life here.

But then, perhaps being tired isn't such a bad thing after all. Coming from another different perspective, its rather productive I guess.? Perhaps the hectic stuff is keeping me on hold. Telling you you're leading an at least okay life, not wasting your youth away.? And not too free with nothing to do and simply rant on the boredom every bloody chance you have.?

There was some of the time when I was too free and really haven't the slightest idea at all what to do to fill up those empty hours. And naturally, you've come to the stage that you rather being doing some routine stuff instead of shaking your legs waiting for the clock to tick. The enduring waiting moment again.?

It's the usual mind tricks that our brain is playing. Time fly unexceptionally fast when you're running here and there, work loaded up to your neck demanding for your every breath that you'll allow yourself to spare for each and everyone. And the familiar scene come whoozing in when you're free with nothing to occupy yourself and suddenly you noticed how impossibly slow the clock needle moves. It takes forever for the needle to move even a tiny little bit and it seems like it has a frozen muscle that's immobile.

Life, when you're too busy, you complain about it. Being no time to rest or do what your heart truly desire. When you're too free, you complain you're bored, that your meaningless life is hanging by a thread with hardly a goal for you to strive. A useless you.?

What exactly do we want with our life then.? Are we simply asking for too much then.? Is this good or bad.?

And I said I was tired. -.-!!

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