Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Banana vs chili

You see, there's many disadvantage and advantage of being a not completely banana. For my Chinese literacy level still allow me to read simple Chinese words, even text messages and certain forward emails. And I can speak fluent unbroken English, just not advanced.

And it wasn't long before my college's freshman knew that I'm a banana after an incidental emcee role during a recent college event where I spoke with a weird English accent with a slang or two due to the person who was coaching me earlier. HA!

Anyway, imagine my shock when my "neighbour" asked me to assist her with her Chinese tuition homework! I mean, yes she's a Malay and have been taking up Elementary Chinese Classes that's offered by our own college. It's not much of a surprise since I have another Malay course mate who's been taking Chinese classes too asking around other Chinese coursemate to help her with those little Chinese bamboo stick writings.

Well, the thing is, the egocentric and arrogant me admitted to the nice neighbour of mine that I'm not very good in Chinese since I'm not from a Chinese educated background and well I just gave it a shot and peep at her little exercise book with small checkered square boxes.

And I can't help it but sincerely felt a little proud of the banana me and the self learning session I gave myself after all these years for being able to help her. HAHAHA!!

Okay enough of self praising mode.

Anyway, at least its a pretty neat thing for the malays to be actually taking up Chinese classes and Miss banana Kelly should be ashamed for being a Chinese not able to read or write in that language. (At least I can speak.!! Okay, self comforting words.) And I was thinking before whether to join those Chinese classes or not since they are other Bananas who joined and they're the minority of the class. Hmmm...

And the answer is no, I did not join because I'm a lazy bum ass who hates to write Chinese and yes I'm arrogant but not enough to not join them. I just hate those joining bamboo sticks scribbles.

Why chili.? Because it's an ingredient that must be use in all kind of Malay dishes or they'll be inedible.



Anonymous said...

go learn chinese girl, be ashamed even malay also goin to write those words and you dont know how to write...

Anonymous said...

ya..i seriously do agree what the anonymous's comment on top. Go learn chinese!even malays are desperating about learning Mandarin as they can see the benefits of knowing more than just their mother tongue! go for it kelly!

from Lydia...

Plunny said...

Thank you so much for both of your great concerns..I'm so touched..Haha..Seriously i am.. Anyway, i knew perfectly well that knowing an extra language is a definite thumbs up..Just that i'm really not into writing those bamboo sticks!! And i'm still self-learning reading here!! Don't get me wrong.!!