Thursday, August 31, 2006


I said, I'm not a birthday person. I rarely do celebrate birthdays since it happens every year. It's nothing extraordinary to me. It just simply meant you're getting older.

She said, the thing about birthday is that people around you that are willing enough to come and celebrate this special day with you, to show you they care. Or simply the sincerity of it is touching enough for you.? And it's not often that people will come and enjoy your day with you. Plus, in a lifetime, how many birthdays can you afford to go through happily with people that matters to your heart.? That leaves a great memory and huge significance to your short life.? Can you recall any of it.?

To think of it, I can't remember much of my previous birthdays. Whether it's because I didn't REALLY celebrate it like big time, or simply it just doesn't stay long enough in my mind to remind me of it. There are certain ones that I do remember, but it doesn't really affect me that much. Perhaps I have yet to pass an authentic meaningful birthday yet, that's able to stay deep in my mind, or I've simply put a full stop to it.? Not allowing anyone inside at all .? But, I hardly felt it.?

Birthdays are just birthdays to me, unless something really different happened or something special occurred, I guess its just another day of our life, telling you you're a year older, pausing to ask yourself, what have you achieved in the past year.? Are you satisfied with it.?

Leaving the teenage years behind, tapping into the 2-0 world in a forest, some said it's unusual, extra memorable. Some say its rather typical, who would want to spend their 20th birthday in the middle of no where.?

I did.

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