Sunday, August 06, 2006

Class of 2003 reunites!!

Yesterday's reunion was a blast. Yes, I failed to mention that there was a Form 5 reunion held in Mid Valley. Well well, odd isn't it.?

We, young lads who had fly all over across the great South China Sea to further our studies, leaving our hometown where we use to run around in nude, growing up in forests in our beautiful sky high tree houses with Astro and broadband internet where our pets are Orang Utan.

Okay, a hell lot of sarcasm to feed you up.

Anyway, it was great. To sum up, there was more than 20 of us wrecking up the back sections of Mid Valley's Nando's. Okay, so twenty plus isn't THAT great. But considering the fact that we're all far away from our tree houses, all coming from separate uni's and colleges around KL just for a lunch, it's still a pretty sweet thing after all.

Great, I'm getting mushy gushy. HA!

Anyway, all of us came from a very scattered list of campus, UKM, UPM, UM, UITM, UTAR, TARC, IMU, Taylors, Monash, Aliff, One Academy, Lim Kok Weng, Nilai College and another two colleges I couldn't recall the name where one is in Seremban and one is in Kajang and not forgetting with the furthest who came all the way from Melaka's MMU. And forgive me if I missed anyone out for I'm getting old and my dear old memory is betraying me.

Seriously, beside celebrating Chinese New Year back at home, it's pretty hard to gather up so many people together and looking back at those familiar faces certainly does feels different. It does bring us back to those sweet old days. All breaking into the big 2 0 engraving a great signature in these twenty years we've lived. Spending at least a couple of years together, drifting over less-stressed-more-carefree-days, the secondary school years. I guess the most important and obvious thing is that those days are the lime light of our life when our hormone starts telling us stories, getting physically attracted to different gender's acquaintances. All blossoming into horny desperate teenagers.


Anyway, it's not so often that we have this chance, it's rather pleasant and perhaps we could do it once again another time. Flashing back to the 17 year old us really make us feel old, but at the same time, visiting the past can be rewarding. Of course, providing the fact that we do not linger too long there, it will backfire and become extremely unproductive.

After all, the past is past, always a memory for you to ponder on once a while to trigger a grin to your sulky face. Or perhaps a form of guidance namely the harsh teacher call experience, to continue our long winding life. Not a burden nor a sad remembrance to remind you of the unpleasant happenings. What that has happened can never be undone. Look through it from another different angle and transform it into a weapon instead. You'll be much surprised at how far it can bring you.

Ahh......Where the hell am I going.? Nevermind.


p/s : Indeed a great gathering. Well done to the organizers!

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