Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hope of an Egg.

Hope, what is it actually.? The meaning its hiding behind those four little letters that sends different message or definition to each and every human.

Is it something that promises people light in the great darkness.? The faintest hint of light in the pitch black alley that provides all sorts of hope that one can secretly hope for in whatever situation where hope is the only thing that keeps them alive. At least, for now.

Hope, it can be the back bone of a person, an important element that's motivating you down the bumpy road that you do not have the courage to attempt or continue at the beginning. The most powerful weapon you possess in fighting for yourself if you allow it to be. It can also be the only thing that one is counting on to continue this long winding never ending road. The power of it, shall not be question, doubt and of course, underestimate.

But then, as good as it may seems, as bright as it might shone, its hidden dangerous power are always overlooked by the common hope-seeker or hope-griever person. The potential it conveys behind those bright curtains are always ignored or simply invisible. The actual strength that it could possibly be the main reason in destroying a person's life either slowly or drastically.

When hope did not answer you, or the answer did not fulfill your early expectations, will you be disappointed.? Or simply just treat it as an everyday thing and take it as another lesson learnt.? Or you're so depressed and let down that it will eventually tear off an irreplaceable piece directly out from you.? Leaving you hanging by a thread, or worse, couldn't even regain to your original state.

Is it really that fatal.?

Loading everything to a single hope is indeed a foolish and irrational act that shall not be practiced. At least not after you've learnt your expensive lesson. Once the hope is shattered into millions of pieces, so are you. Well, look at the bright side, glasses can't be glue back, but at least you can still stand up if you wish too. Of course, only if you would.

What about false hope.? I say, it's even worse. The hope that's not even there, never existed perhaps. The thought of that there's people who are actually depending on it to go on is pretty sad on it owns. A fugly picture.

A road that bears no end, no exits but with its glorious shining reaching out for you from your behind. Just that it doesn't come from the sun of an exit route, but merely a candle that's burning on its own conscience. Brightens up your route all the way to the end , waiting for you to discover it, that as expected or not, a dead end. That has no promises, that has NOTHING. Nothing at all.

How sad is that.? It's so much worse than hope that's clustered. Giving false hope, is even worse and uglier than not giving at all. Even though false hope can still be call a hope, or perhaps it is indeed a hope, still something that people sincerely look forward to. But only to be left later, waiting for the heart breaking moment to be discovered that its actually a sad empty shell, with hardly a thing beneath its hard cold stubborn core. Just an empty hollow egg shell.

Finding a bad rotten egg is even better perhaps. At least, there was really something inside before and you were just late or the egg wasn't in a good condition. Not an egg that's thought to be an egg but never was even from the very beginning. It never was.

After all, hope is only big if you see it big.

Ah, the sweet old boring life. It's only big if you see it big.. It could be the size of a teenie weenie little ant in your palm, it can also be the size of Jupiter that monopolize your entire fist size pumping heart. But, at the end of the day, everything is still up to you, the palm and heart owner.

After all, you're still the one with the remote control of your fellow brain cells friend.


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