Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I hate title thinking.

I feel like swearing at the tops of my lungs. The frustration that's occupying my bloody brain cells just wouldn't leave.! Or is it my own obstinate brain cells self locking themselves.? Who's to be blame.? Me.? What's the rush of finding the reason behind or who to be blame.? Does it help.? No it doesn't.! But its too disturbing, bothering and I couldn't let it rest unless it comes out with a solution. Finding a solution isn't hard, just that which solution guarantees the best outcome.? I hate it when you have to choose and there's too many choices placed in front of you. Yes, the presence of variety is of course good, one get to choose and get what they truly desire and is in their best interest. But then, what if there isn't any at all.? None of them is what you want and nothing suits you best.? Would you pick the best among the worst even though it's hardly anything close to your priority.? The rose with the most already-dangling-petals among a bouquet of dying roses.? Or you'll continue waiting for the reincarnation of yet another rose from it's small fresh young bud and maintain status quo while waiting for the right one to roll down its red carpet.?

Patience is a virtue.? A courageous act indeed, yet difficult to bear those painful enduring moments waiting by the clock, watching the dreamy needle ticking by, hours cruising down the endless time piece.

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