Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Warning, raging post below. Do not read if you're not in for sarcasm and angry rants.

I'm getting very irritated by people here who haven't the slightest idea about Sabah's or Kota Kinabalu's current position or status. It's been mention here, here and also here that expressed my sarcasms towards certain idiotic lack of knowledge urban city people who still think we runs in naked, lives in tree houses, and has orang utans as our pets that we can keep in our small cozy wooden tree houses inside the deep and rich rainforest where its also conveniently comes with broadband internet connection and astro. How wonderful!!


I have no intention of constantly repeating my sarcastic remarks over and over again but its such a discrimination and also extremely degrading to us Sabahans if we do not defend our stand! I mean, these are idiots where the first question they asked if fortunately would be have you climbed mount Kinabalu.? And when you say no, its like what kind of Sabahan are you.? Its like all of them though Mount Kinabalu is in the fucking centre of an established city in Malaysia.! I do know Genting highlands or Cameron highlands is not at the centre of their states even since I was a kid! Why, because I have brains to think about geography and I ain't blind.!

The most we can see from our beloved CITY is a small peek of the peak of the mountain. And it takes a bloody 90 minutes drive before you actually reach the small town, Kundasang, that can actually view the mountain closely.!! That's also known by the Chinese as the foot of the mountain. And for your information, that's also the town where National Park is located and also the usual destination of all climbers. And another new place have open up for climbing is the Mesilau Resort that's heavenly blessed with mother nature and well conserved. Hell, the entire Kundasang area is well reserved!

And I seriously don't think every single person in Pahang had climb those mountains there before. And how can you assume every Sabahan had climb Mount Kinabalu.? If you're saying seeing it means climbing it, yes then every floating soul would have been on the peak before.

These idiots also have no idea that Sabah is like full of tourists from all over the freaking world.? We have the Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Koreans and god knows what sort of countries those numerous numbers of Mat Salleh roaming in Kundasang or KK comes from!! Shame to those peninsular people who just because they don't travel out of the country and just stay within this entire peninsular that's even smaller than the whole of Sarawak. And yes, we east Malaysia are indeed travelers across the sea and also ocean !!

There's actually a lecturer that questioned a coursemate of mine of her origins and she answered she's from Sabah. And when dear lecturer questioned further about Kota Kinabalu current status, she kept quiet. Shame on you! But I think she's not from KK and Sabah is very big, ladies and gentleman, not only with one city but two and also other towns mind you.

Anyway, there were some of us who we were answering her yes, KK is indeed an acknowledged and recognized city approved by the government but she's still in doubt asking like a freaking lecturer with no common knowledge about other states when she herself is complaining that we're not reading enough newspaper to answer her other so called irrelevant current issues questions.

Shameless and arrogant me raised my hand and clarified that KK was established as a city since year 2002!! I could fucking remember the bloody date!! That's when brilliant lecturer starts questioning about the criterias that fulfill a city status. Populations, yearly income, production blablablabla.

Great, a lecturer, a doctor, haven't the slightest idea that among the authentic established cities in Malaysia and three or four of them is, I have to proudly say, is in East Malaysia. Not to mention that KK is not only bigger than dear lecturer's hometown, its bloody wealthier and advanced too!! Now go back and eat your fucking words before you come pointing at us.

Yes, we suck, after all we're much nearer to our ancestors, the great monkeys. HA!!

You've been warned.


kenny said...

too bad...i haven't get to climb Mt Kinabalu yet...one day...one day...i'll get to the top...haha...
you're right...ur blog's vulgar...but i like it anyway...ahaha...yea...fuck those peninsulars....they live in buildings...we live in hutan...but we survived...they died...haha...
some of my friends here still know abit about sabah though...hehe...quite happy with it...

Plunny said...

Hahaha..You've been warned.....