Thursday, August 03, 2006

In or Out.?

Okay, let me get this REALLY straight. What's the number one rule of going into an entrance where there will also be people coming out from the other side of the entrance.?

Basic common sense tells every single human being, ( at least those with enough brains) to wait for those who's inside to come out first, before going in right.?

I mean, even though you could be waiting anxiously and patience is running out and the first thing on your mind is to push all the way in once the door is open, regardless of the amount of people that's actually coming out from the same door.?

Seriously, no matter how desperate or impatient you are, its still better to let them come out first, to at least provide some space to get your ass in right.?

Let me take a very simple example that happens all the time in our daily routine. The elevator. You see, the compartment door isn't that big and it can't accommodate people who's trying to get out and get in at the same bloody time! But those nincompoops are always barging in with all their might and we can't even get ourselves out!

I mean, that's the simplest logic on earth! If you don't let me out, how am I suppose to fucking let you in.? One word to label them, DESPERATE IDIOTS!!

I can't help but notice that this is happening to me almost every bloody day. When going out of lecture halls, or the elevator. With the desperate idiots almost everywhere, waiting to climb over our heads when it's time to go out.

Seriously, are they really that desperate to get a good space in the freaking large lecture hall.? We could hardly find our way out because they're all coming in while we're still in there. The door is completely blocked, corridor full with people lining up trying DESPERATELY to get out and not forgetting those impatient idiots who's lecturer who's yet to be seen.

All come marching in as if there's an invisible first come first serve basis to get a first class degree. Perhaps they're all like kids fighting for the best seat to get our dear lecturer's heart.

Oh guess what.? I won today.! And dear lecturer give me an A because my annoying face is always at the front row!!

Right and you can kiss my foot.


houng said...

reminds me of the climatic end of The Lion King:

Timon: Let me in! Let me in!
Zazu: Let me out! Let me out!

but i agree, i can't stand people who rush in like that, they're a bunch of people who frustate others and themselves in the process

Plunny said...

So annoying!! As if got prize!!!

Anonymous said...

smile +)