Thursday, August 31, 2006


It rained heavily when I was in class today. The sudden alarming down pour alerted me a little, giving the lecture room more "life" than the monotonous voice from dear lecturer, bringing me back from my day dream to the ugly reality I'm living in. The fictitious world of mine, allowing me to drift as far as my mind allow it to be, gliding gracefully into a non-existent phase of life. An amazingly beautiful world that's impractical and also too good to be truth which does not exist. Fortunate, or unfortunate.? A world of my own full with impossibly gorgeous colourful pictures that no words can describe the beauty and meaning of it, combine with the absence of the usual melancholiness of reality woozing in and out from my obstinate brain cells, refusing to leave. Seeking refugee and comfort in an old and familiar place that stays stationary and close all the time within ourselves. Dwelling in this self-made world of ours, unproductive, yet favoured by many, as the usual spot for sulkers and I, the melancholious misanthropist. Day dream, indeed

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