Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Do You Think.?

It's very disturbing when there's too many things trying to rush into your mind at the same bloody time. It gives the impression of a self manufactured competition that's launch within yourself. You yourself has created an enemy for you and that's your brain. Or perhaps the familiar heart vs brain scenario.? It's annoying alright, but at the same time, is it inevitable.? It would be so much better if it is. Then one doesn't have to pay extra unnecessary attention to these rubbish perhaps.? Nonsense.? Are these really small stuffs that doesn't deserve such excessive alarming worries.? Or, is it actually something that we're depending on psychologically without realizing.? As a form of motivation or reason to go on.? Or simply some barrier that's essential to prove your work and thoughts that's worthy of its own.? Either we're not aware of the importance of such existence or we're stubbornly turning a blind eye towards it.? Pushing it to the back of our tiny brain cell silently wishing its not there actually and thus can be ignored.? Then I guess its time for you to wake up say and hello to the unwelcome yet inescapable presence. After all, it's better to learn and tackle it before its too late and who knows it might bite back instead.?

Is it so.?

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