Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's more.?

The more you're given, the more you'll ask. Even from the earliest intention, you wasn't expecting much to happen, wasn't aiming high at all. Just doing it as a part of responsibility or simply for fun. Practically knew one's real worth and actual capability.

But when things started to change, shifting to a much better brighter side or perhaps you have finally grew up with enlarged eyes and the bigger picture becomes more visible to your innocent naked eyes.? And here comes the time when you've learn to ask for more.

Striving for something with what's given, without expecting much in return. A simple genuine act of courage and responsibility. Perhaps, with a little addition of interest and passion in it. But, the rewards DID found their way to you. You're more than happy to welcome it's grand appearance. The gigantic smile engraved in your little heart, boosting your confidence and faith. Lifting you up high to the sky, almost reaching the dreamy cloud nine.

Telling you, YES YOU CAN!!. Or it's actually seducing you into believe you really can.? A positive way of encouragement.? It's actually a pretty good thing. Of course, providing the fact that you don't celebrate your victory much too early. In other words, your confidence that's suppose to be an important element in winning your way up, might backfired. And throw you down. Completely. Smashed.

Your hope, shattered into pieces, thousands of tiny little glass bits from a broken glass.

But, was there actually a hope from the very beginning.? Or was this "hope" actually an outcome of the process.? The evolution of certain unexpected gaining, rewards.?

Why do human always ask for more when what they have already is more than enough.? The natural greed in our blood that's born with us.? The ever growing appetite of every single homo sapiens to ask for more especially when everything is going smoothly beyond our least expectations.

And when humpty dumpty falls off the wall, so does your new born promising hope. Everything return to its usual form. Nothing changes. Nothing differs from the beginning. Just the same old you.

No, it's not.

It makes a huge difference. It marks another great level of your life. Another station visited, another irreplaceable lesson learnt, another valuable experience gained and perhaps another failure or success that brings you to your next destination of our never ending journey.

Success, isn't necessarily a good teacher, it's only an evidence that proves you've done it. At least, only till where you are now. It can be a form of motivation, or a form of ego boost or even the beginning of a self destructive program. Everything is up to you.

The same applies to failures, its the best teacher, but also an extremely harsh one. If you can't take it, it'll bring you down. But if you can, it's the best among the best. Even better than success.

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. -Bill Gates

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