Thursday, September 28, 2006

Are you a smartie.?

Is being smart an offence? Or is acting smart an offence.? Pretending like a-know-it-all when you're not.? Pretending like a fool when you're not.? Playing innocent and naive all the time when you're not.? Hunting for sympathy and attention in a silent mode, a sneaky way behind.? Hiding the real you behind those ugly acts of yours, not revealing who are you.? The act of a smartie or a loser.?

Sometimes, smart people are too busy being smart that they tend forget they're actually being an idiot too. Not to mention, smarties forgot they are other smarter people around. I guess confidence plays a huge role here, or perhaps playing tricks instead?

Being smart hurts sometimes when you knew too much about the truth, too brainy that your mind simply couldn't deny the actual fact, you just have to accept it. The dark side of being too clever heh.? No more ignorance is a bliss.? Or perhaps, its an advantage.? The inability to lie to yourself.? Good or bad.? Hard to say.

Unable to create any self denials to the rational and stubborn you. Forced to face the truth everytime any fugly thing happens, no more hiding beside mummy's back, no more avoiding the truth whether you like it or not, for it had happened. After all, the world doesn't live for you alone. But hey, look on the bright side, you've grown up, not old mind you.

Yeah, it's a little sad sometimes, but I guess in terms of the long effect, its still better to be smart and know the truth earlier even though you'll get down once a while. Perhaps its better than being a fool and not realizing anything till the very end. And everything just land on you like a massive bomb and you find yourself encountering loads of explosive moments all the time.?

I guess here's where the good or bad, hard to say thingy comes in again. If you're a fool, you discover things later and then suffer, but then a fool wouldn't have to go through smart people's woes or unnecessary complex thoughts right.? And smart people doesn't lead a much simpler and happier life compared to fools. Can you still call them fools then when they lead a better life than yours.? Ah, the odds and ends of everything, endless.

So, be a fool but act like a smart ass that shows you're even more idiotic that one could imagine, or be an authentic cute little nincompoop, or be smart but act like a fool, or be smart and act like a sickening jerk that shouts to everyone hey I'm smart you better watch out.?

Which one are you.?

Somehow, I prefer to think of myself as not smart, but not an idiot too. Cheers.


ian said...

I guess the key is to be humble. Constant self-reflections are important to hold us back down to the ground.

We cannot change out in-born intelligence, but we get wiser if we allow ourselves to learn...

Nice post, girl!

Plunny said...

Thanks ian...So ian's the humble guy heh.? Hehehe...