Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm shivering again in this unpredictable sudden cold weather. With my brand new tanned legs and hands icey cold, unable to even feel my own skin's temperature. Whether it's too warm, or simply slightly cooler than usual. The extra urge to hide inside my warm cozy blanket that reminds me of my dear 80 year old granny, keeping me safe in this foreign place where I'm all alone with no family members here to hear my daily rants. No one for me to seek comfort and refuge, standing alone surrounded by strangers with big bulgy eyes staring at you from behind a hidden corner. Out of the blue, comes the icey water from our loyal shower head, cleansing and sending shivers throughout my nude body full with goosebumps. A sudden alert to my sleepy mind, WAKE UP it says. And I did, and here's yet another cold shower.

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