Saturday, September 23, 2006


As mention here and here about campus election in local universities, those of us who doesn't give a damn about it usually just pass by the whole meaningless thing by voting for what we are told to save our asses so we'll stand a chance in securing a place in our college next year.

As a freshman, I couldn't help it but get really sick of the election system that's running in the campus. Call it democratic, but the only application to it would be our limited democracy right in choosing only within the appointed party, not to mention those few candidates we're forced advised to vote for. I mean, if you're starting early to nurture our country future leaders in our democratic land by running a democratic system beginning in the education level, how can one possibly restrict our freedom of choice by summoning us to vote for ONE typical party ONE, i.e. the legal one. I thought this is call corruption, not government.

In fact, it is so lame there is only one legal party, being the government one. The winning one. If you vote against them, you're considered as a traitor and could face certain circumstances in which they highlighted it in a away like a great crime committed. I find it too ridiculous to believe as if there's no other party running, why run an open election.? Plus, if the other so called illegal parties are roaming everywhere risking their asses off, what's the point of having a government if there's no opposition party.?

And if its really that bad, why are there still underground parties running for the uni's government.? And there's still students working behind it too, aren't they afraid of being kicked to god knows where.?

The way they make it sound as if these underground parties will approach us and try to contaminate us with wrong information, trying to make us bias to their side. In case we the juicy fresh fish is being threatened or whatsoever, we should report.

I understand that. What I don't is why is there such a WEIRD election when parties are not allowed to compete fair and square in front of everyone. And voters are not allowed to vote according to what they think is best for them. Of course we're allowed to vote for who and who, but not which party, for there's only one that CAN be voted, legally.

As voting system can track out who voted for what who, its best not to play tricks. And of course who are we to complain.? We're just good pedestrians drifting by doing what we are told. I'm just merely ranting my disappointment towards these system. No offence.

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