Thursday, September 07, 2006

Excuse me

Forgive me I've been lack of post and with obvious grammar or vocabulary mistakes for these recent two posts are written in a computer lab with numerous computers than none can access to real blogs for reading purposes. Guess that's why I'm still able to create a new one, post it, but not read it from my own blog. What an efficient system!!

I'm currently staying in a friend's place, actually have been staying here since Monday and will be only going back to campus this Friday which is tomorrow and this week has been full with fun, fun, fun and fun. And I completely forgotten abandoned the fact that I'm SUPPOSED to study for my mid sem exam which is like next week.?

And I'm still blogging here, talking about effective schedule planning!!

One more thing, we Sabahans speak Hakka as a major Chinese dialect which peninsular people hardly speaks. Imagine what it feels when suddenly in a night market, I realize there's quite an amount of people who speaks my native tongue! And all of a sudden it feels pretty good, rather warming and homey feeling that there are people of my own. I guess I was just simply a little too excited to HEAR some local KL people speaking Hakka, just that it's not always you hear them. And you don't have to be judged straight away that you're a forest freak from Sabah because you speak hakka.

Till then!!

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EzClover said...

Same as what i felt when i heard it for the first time.. ^^