Wednesday, September 27, 2006


5 little letters, yet such a big word. It can lift you up, it can also break you into a zillion pieces.

If you're without it, you're a living mannequin. If you have too much of it, it might do you more harm than good.

A life with great faith is most of the time envied by those who does not have it. Those who count on others' faith to move on. Those who's life is lacked of faith so greatly that it surprises you they're still here today. Those who need a slight push forward from those who are willing enough to help.

A life without faith, a life without self esteem to boost yourself up. Leading such a sad life where you can't even trust your own mind and ability. A life full of sadness, doubts, uncertainty and disappointment towards yourself. Lost, in your own life, providing if you do have one in the beginning.

I do not believe in living a life without the slightest hint of confidence nor faith. Faith is almost everything. It shapes up a person. One should never underestimate the power hidden behind this little word. Nor should one ignore it.

How does one manage to live without faith.? Without trust.? To have no self confidence, no self principles, to be readily pushed around and easily influenced by those who have a massive of them. Unable even to stand on your own feet, nor your own shoes to feel what your inner heart is trying to tell.

To place your own emotions on someone else's hand without even realizing it. Reluctant even to help yourself to control your own heart. For heart keeps discouraging you, denying yourself. Pushing yourself to the back of the list. And dear mind just simply does not possess a stronger will to climb up the list. Its such a pity, but its a shame too.

One can't possibly live without faith. Of course, you won't die. But you'll live a life without life. Alive, yet lifeless.

I'm melancholic, again.................................

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