Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Field trip 2

Using a freaking computer from a private college's computer lab and their system denied blogger!! Arghhh.....But amazingly I can still create a new post, just couldn't view it after posting. The odds and the ends. -.-!!

I got back from the trip at 11pm on Sunday night and it actually took us a long 9 hours coach ride! When the actual ride would take about 6 to 7 hours only!! We stopped like gazillions time for meals, loo break and of course not forgetting the five sacred daily prayers.

We departed from our Faculty at about 10 something on friday night, only arriving around 7 am the next day. Reason.? Of course, the usual stops of here and there. Ha, its pretty good for us, we get loo breaks, meals break, but all from those rest station that sometimes can be pretty good considering they have McD or just two lousy stalls with dishes that's rich with flies and gnats flying all around, telling us dear consumer, DON'T EAT ME.

But we did.

On our way back, our bus, should I say, the Chinese bus, has the diarrhea worm infecting about 10 person. Everything started at the Genting rest station. Swarming into McD's loo, lining up, exploding it with our gracious output. Okay, I'm not being disgusting just creative. HA!

We stopped in another extremely near rest station, Gombak, for another loo break since some of us really couldn't stand in anymore. And, that's including me. Ha! Yeah, I was on the list. And I even broke the record by getting into the men's room!!

I will never ever forget the expression of a smart looking Chinese guy when he saw me walking out of the men's cubicle!! Well, you see. We're kinda desperate to relieve ourselves, you know, tummy growling and screaming and stuff and the lady's are as usual full, and with so many of us lining up desperately, it's almost unbearable to wait any longer. And its a rest station, there's bound to be more users than other usual loo! And hence, our dear gentleman coursemates, leads us to the men's room and we helped ourselves into those cubicles. Seriously.

Anyway, this field work is pretty much fun and boring at the same time. Even though they were no dirty forest work, just some water fun. First thing there was we went to the island across for snorkeling, washing our virgin eyes with the sight of coral reefs. With some anemones sucking up and down beneath the water, and pointy sea urchin scaring us whether we should land our wet duck feets or not. But they are some minority of us that wasn't so virgin with water, and move further and Awwwww, the sight is just simply rewarding to us. But well, I still miss Pulau Sipadan so damn much!

Next thing we did was get back to our guest house, well, this time its called a guest house, not a resort but it has better facilities and of course everything is just much better than the previous resort except the lousy food. We showered ourselves with air-conditioned room, slept like mad, watch TV and also they have a much complete bathroom to our excite!

Next stop was the state's capital famous traditional market. With all sorts of local products which I did not purchase for I don't really fancy those food. And not forgetting all sorts of souvenirs available.

At night, the trip to some sort of beach was cancelled, and the next activity would be next morning, visiting turtle centre and stuff. Enjoying ourselves with three types of turtles from the size of a tiny baby turtle like a greenish moving little thing with 4 legs swimming already. There was also an enormous one, which accordingly is about 50 years old and of course, turtle stinks.

And that's it. The entire official field work. Well did have our fun when all the Chinese gather up in a small room, feasting on durian that I strictly do no eat and just watched them and laugh along, accompanied by an ancient Stephen Chow comedy.

But, it's rather tiring, traveling all the way across some states border for 3 activities but I guess we sure did have our bits of fun.

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so...ladies or guys water closet is cooler? definately guys~

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