Monday, September 11, 2006

Food Oh Food........

Last night, I was enjoying my hot soup aka instant noodles in this chilly weather when it occurs to me that it's been ten long weeks since I've last tasted my mom's cooking. And when was dad's last Sunday chef stunt.?

Tonight, I was gobbling down my RM 2.50 nasi campur aka our 4 nights a week catered chinese food when it occurs to me how such simple chinese meal like that could already draw a grin from my sulky face. It's not because its ultra yummy, or the great taste feeling after having to settle for the spicy hot and curry food of cafe or whatsoever. But simply because I don't have to waste my time cracking up my head on what should I eat tonight.? And tomorrow night, and tomorrow and tomorrow.

I once stop catering for a week and it's worst than what I expected, it was almost unbearable. I would rather not eat if my tummy wasn't growling like mad of hunger. And the repetitive question is really sickening, ,
"Eat what arr tonight.? So sien lar"
It's a rather minute everyday thing, but to think of it, it's frustrating when the time comes and you're a drifting hungry ghost and yet you haven't the slightest idea on what to feed on. Perhaps you thought if you're starving to the stakes of almost collapsing then you can settle on anything edible that comes first to your sight. But when it comes to here, no. Sometimes the sight of those dishes can be repulsive instead.

And this week, I ran out of my usual stocked food, no more cookies nor biscuits nor wafers, no more junk food, no nothing but only instant noodles. I hate to think that I have to survive with my MAMEE noodles only with those highly monosodium glutamate concentrated soup base that's so dehydrating throughout this hectic mid sem exam week.

I guess that why its so obvious why my greedy appetite is screaming for my RM2.50 economy rice.


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Anonymous said...

its not gd eating maggiE mee all the time.Try taking a proper meal k.i know its hard but try ur