Monday, September 25, 2006

I dreamt.?

Dreams, it is believed that there's bound to be some meaning hiding behind those foggy blurry moment of ours. A part of us that drifted away during those sleepy hours, where we recharge ourselves, unconscious yet normal.

Some people are dying to know what their dreams mean. Some couldn't even remember what they dreamt about. Some doesn't care at all. It's just a dream after all. I guess everything just depends on how you take it. How a dreamer takes his or her dream. If you insist to see it big, of course it will be big. If you don't, you'll hardly even remember that you actually had a dream.

Most of the day we wake up, not even thinking or care if we did had a dream or not. Usually, we can't recall our dreams, and hence concluded that we had a dreamless night, but it was a peaceful sleep. I once read somewhere that majority of the time, we thought we did not dream. But the truth is, we just simply had forgotten about our dream once we're brought back to reality, awake.

When I was really free early this year, with nothing much to do with my time, I tend to remember my dreams well. As I woke up in the morning afternoon, with just some chores to attend to, it leaves me plenty of time lazing in my cozy warm bed with extra brain cells to recall my dreams. For one normally doesn't give a damn about it, unless the dream turns out to be really special or the opposite, disturbing enough to keep you restless.

Someone once said that, its easy for you to recall your dream when your brain is less occupied, free of stress and I guess its just a way to keep my brain from dying completely, thinking about nonsense perhaps.? But I guess he's right, for nowadays, I can hardly remember my dreams at all. I have no time to think about it, or perhaps no available seats in my brain for dream counting. Not like those care free days.

No more time to ponder around after you wake up, thinking back, recalling those sweet or bitter dreams that leaves you smiling at the foot of your bed. Now, you wake up, and it's time for class or this and that. Life does moves on. It has too, and so do you.

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