Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I got caught.

I'm not much of a public transport person. I spend 3 weeks in Hong Kong more than two years ago and I actually used their public transport more than my then 18 years of living in our dear Boleh Land. It was not until lately after coming here for studies that I'm starting to use these public transport more regularly. And of all the time whether riding on a coach, LRT, commuter train or the Hongkie "TING TING", I was never once being inspected for my ticket. And yesterday, I was caught. For having a Touch and Go card instead of a normal issued ticket.

Today, I got caught by a lousy sales assistant in a supposedly above 18 blue shop, demanding for my age and IC. (To hell with her, I don't mind if she thinks I actually look below 18, I would actually thank her for that, but her manners sucks to bits annoying my every nerve) I was with my roomie who's only turning 18 in three weeks time. I guess that explains everything because she does seriously look young. Ah, it makes me feel young too. HA!

Tonight, I got caught by my hostel's felo, (the people who you should look for if you're having a problem about your hostel) for installing another lock to my room. I was hammering the stubborn screw to the door and it just wouldn't bloody get in. Not even when I screwed it like mad using a rusty screwdriver. All those DONG DONG DONG sound brought dear felo here, telling me I'm not supposed to install a lock blablablablabla. Well, at least she's not fining me for it. Hey, it's an isolated place here I'm living. Don't blame me for being extra cautious.

And the fasting month is beginning this Sunday, and we have to fast along with them because the cafe is only open at night till early morning full with hungry ghost roaming in the cafe, flooding every bloody dishes. Thank god there's food catering for me.


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