Friday, September 29, 2006

You're fake.

He said everyone is a pretender.

No one on this bloody world doesn't pretend. Always trying to be something or someone you're not. It's inevitable. It's just the difference between how much or how little you pretend.

Rather fictitious.? Are we living on earth playing someone else's character instead of our own.? Or are we simply trying to fool ourselves into believing we are what we're acting, but deep down inside, you know you're not.? Self denial.?

Do you prefer leading a life full of lies, or a life with more misery but a more genuine one.? Are we allow to choose.? After all, the mind is still yours for you to decide on what you want and what you do no want.

But, perhaps the environment you're living in speaks otherwise.? Influencing your choice.? Telling you its better to act a little and blend into the society rather than stand alone in your private lonely little world.?

Or perhaps, your instincts tell you, pretending has become an important tool to protect yourself.? An invisible shield that keeps you away from selling out the actual you.? Avoiding from unnecessary attention.? Or the opposite, buying a better self image with an act or two.? Or perhaps, you're simply lack of self confidence.?

Why does everyone has the need to pretend.? A necessity instead of a choice nowadays. But I guess that's how life works for everyone. Whether a shattered soul or a strong spirit, you still pretend once a while. Why.?

Is it because no one is perfect.? But if you're perfect, aren't you already imperfect.? Perhaps our mind is trying to convince our heart we're better than what we really are, approaching closer to the 100% perfect score is at least better than nothing. Another boost of self esteem or another great lie told from dear mind to heart.?

I wonder...............

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