Monday, October 30, 2006

At last.

11 freaking days the pathetic server refused me the access to beta blogger and finally today, it works.!!

This few days was spend mostly rotting in room ranting of boredom instead of piling up the books and stuffing those worldly words and information into our procrastinating brain cells. Thanks to Rapid kl we still have transport to get out of campus once a while even thought you can see how empty the bus is every time it passes by.

The extremely deserted campus few days ago, from you can hardly spot a soul to the more livelier today, it sends a sense of relief to us who've been staying here throughout the whole holidays. Only a week has gone by and people are all merrily coming back, obviously exchanging details about their festive holidays with one another.

And if anyone is bold enough to ask me, I guess the answer would be how we got over those forever annoying wailing starving cats that's still capable of leaving their hellish stinky digestive creation @ poo, in the washroom when they're practically not eating at all. Not forgetting those creepy starry eyes that pierced into us trying to hypnotize us into sympathizing them and feed them which clearly would never happen. Yes, I'm cruel with cats because I sincerely from the bottom of my heart HATE them. And I'm still living with it!! Because I have to. =.=!!

I was told not to underestimate of what could happen, because what happens is always something you least expect. Sometimes I think this is only true when you're too unrealistic and living in faraway fantasy land. That's why you're always either disappointed or surprised with what happen and this would seldom happen to the rational realistic me. I'm a realist, not an idealist. And there's a huge difference in between.

The new discoveries you made even in a short time, can split you into two, or even break you into a million pieces, but there are the times when they can make you into a better solid single person. It's amazing how your little experience shapes your thoughts into something new and completely different and these changes certainly plays a big role here, or even the future.

I guess, I have to hang in there.

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