Thursday, October 05, 2006


The past few days have been rather hazy, foggy visual that's intoxicating our dear lungs. In this isolated area surrounded by the forest, it feels rather dreamy.

Even the idea of going out for a walk or jog is clearly inadvisable. Blazing hot in day time, sometimes long hours of rain at night. What a climate.

These unpredictable weather usually means nothing to ordinary people, just another day with a lousy or weird weather, fairly acceptable especially in our country of hot and wet. But then I wonder if I'm having too much time to think nonsense or what, these weather somehow affects my mood.

It's hot, everyone get pissed off easily for its just so annoying. Hot and sweating like a pig and still faced with ridiculous idiot matters, everything just comes out naturally.

Hazy vision, lonesome rainy days, such a melancholy environment. Couldn't help but feel the same way too. Perhaps I'm too shallow, easily influenced by such little factors.?

My lectures been getting lesser everyday, leaving me plenty of time alone. For assignments or self procrastinate event, its all up to me. The tormented weather is such a perfect place for laziness breeding.

And I wonder why these free time had not boost up my entries.? Too lazy to write.? Or simply haven't the idea of what to write, and hence better not to? Like this tactless post.?

It figures, I guess.

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