Monday, October 16, 2006

I love what I do, but I hate my job.

Slightly long, slightly harsh, slightly confused of what I wrote myself.

Here comes the time in life when you have to start and learn how to work with people you do not like. Make it hate. You have to face ugly people with idiotic brain or perhaps even worse, with a snob or dork engraved in their forehead and they're emitting extreme repulsing toxic. You love what you do and the working environment, but someone there is such a pain in the ass and your greatest desire is to kick him or her to Mars Pluto.

But then, you don't have to like someone in order to work with them, because you work for yourself, not them. If you're really capable, you would be able to work under whatsoever condition. Be it unpleasant, uninviting, unbearable or even completely almost unworkable state. If you still manage to work under these nearly zero intolerable situation, this is what that push you further in front . The ability to mingle and adapt in all sorts of environment from A to Z and still excel in it is what puts you on top everything. The practice of your application in mastering your intelligence and maturity with flexibility and effectiveness.

If you have an amazing IQ of 180 accompanied with great motivation and dedication to something you're genuinely interested in, providing you're fortunate enough, this could be your dream job. But if you do not or have yet to master the art of society surviving skills, it's useless, for you do not know who you might end up working with.

Once you're placed with someone you hate or dislike, you completely sink to the lowest level that's beyond your imagination. You lost your efficiency due to your inability in confronting yourself to work because someone there is a gigantic pain in the ass with a constantly polished bottom waiting to be kick 24/7 a day but you're kicked instead. How sad, yet reality screams louder in front of your confused face.

You're perhaps slightly better because you simply do not possess the techniques of protecting your precious buttock and the ultimate way of scoring a world cup standard foot action. Perhaps it's not that bad after all, you're just naive, still young and very innocent. An unpolluted snowy white piece of paper, still perfectly clean. A child.

But hey, the world does not wait for you, neither do society and time. I DON'T KNOW is not an excuse, and would never be. The roots of this most spoken three little words is crying for help, telling you its time or perhaps you're already late to search for the answer. You will not be excluded from reality just because you haven't learn to accept it. Learn, practice and master it unless you're prepared to have your ass kicked around forever.

You might call it hypocrite, self suppressing, self deceiving, self denial, lying to yourself to work with someone you hate. Or you think it's just too wrong and too fake to force yourself into something that's strictly against your principles and beliefs, or simply what you really really really genuinely dislike.

But, it's an extremely important step in your life to learn it. It's what that shapes you into tomorrow's world and what that would brighten up your route for you to fly into the society once your wings are fully grown. It has became a necessity as day goes by and look at the society and the world we're now living in.

In order to get what you truly desire, you would have to work for it and earn it in the smartest, righteous, most sensible and effective way that you're able to perform and also accept no matter who you're placed with because you ain't living alone in dear old planet earth. Prove it to yourself that your short or long term goal is within your reach without having to go against yourself anymore and you're neither shallow nor easily shaken.

Wake up, you're not deceiving yourself, not trying to be a person you're not, no self contradicting. You've simply learned a hard lesson that you once hated, the right way to survive and never forget it's a real world you're living in. There will always be someone out there you don't see eye to eye with waiting for you to kick their ass discover.

I've warned you...............

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Go on with it.. I'm supporting you ^^