Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Screwing or screwed.?

Early registration of second semester subjects has just begun, and this time I'm praying that I wouldn't end up in the same class again with certain smartie bum bum who loves to be with you because they know you make a good work partner for their lazy self.

I guess its pretty common where there are people who work their asses off, and there are people who got their asses kicked for lazying till their asses flatten. The unfortunate or what I like to call learning opportunity is somehow inevitable in university life. You're bound to end up with group works or presentation that has at least one or two members that just sit there whole day waiting for us to kick their asses to mars.

If you don't, you'll end up one being another one who got whipped and sent to mars with Mr or Miss I-dunno-how-to-do-you're-so-smart-help-me-do-please-thank-you. And you got no choice but to save his or her ass as well when you're saving yours while ranting your complaints and silently hitting yourself because you're going against your wishes rescuing someone who doesn't give a damn about you.

Yes. You do get to learn more, and they manage to go even further with their idiotic mind but your mind tells you that it's so unfair. Yea, but I guess I've come to the point that I don't give a damn and to hell with them. I do my part, regardless we get the same marks, but I learn more and guess what, if I screw up, so are they. Perhaps even worse than I did.

And going behind informing the lecturer isn't such a brilliant idea. Unless I was being back stabbed instead, I wouldn't do so if they just quietly accept the fact that after all I did the bloody work because they're too smart to be doing themselves. I would not because it doesn't do any good beside worsen the current condition.

Perhaps my work would be more recognized but I might lost some future potential person for me to mock and get help from. Yeah, I'm selfish, but you taught me that, those who first got their hands on me, and guess what, I've learned.

Screw you.

The haze is still terrible around here. Few days ago it rained a little bit giving us a happy clear day. But these few days it's getting even worse, the weather is boiling hot with a not very sunny day because dear sun is hiding behind the haze bed. When night comes with a little moisture in the air, it looks like we're in some higher area with foggy mist, just that it's not and it's not cooling too. Even though it has reached the pretty unhealthy level, I still see no one around the campus wearing a mask. Hmmmmmmmmm..........


Ianfluenza said...

I guess it depends on what you are converying when talking to the lecturer...

Instead of filing a back-stabbing complaint, how about discussing with the lecturer about your concerns over this perticular groupmate who seems to be struggling through his/her share of work? And asking for the lecturer's advise.

Doing this will:
No.1) Justify your act as being a backstabber, for you are so-called doing it out of concern for your group mate and the overall group's progress too. You are not quoting negative things about your groupmate, you just want to help, right? *winks*

No.2) In a way, it will bring awareness to the lecturer that you are doing your job while finding other lazier ones falling behind. At least you've made your efforts visible instead of being assumed to contribute to the group's overall shortcomings.

Being tactful is such difficult task yet so rewarding...

Plunny said...

Thanks Ian!! Hehehe....But somehow one of the lecturer did notice it was completely my work without me saying anything at all..Hahaha..