Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And I Hate You So

Do you hate me.? I don't know. Do I want to know.? I don't mind to, but I don't care too. Tell me if you want, if you don't, fine.

If you do hate me, why then.? Should I ask you why, or should I ask myself why.? Does it matter so much then.? Hate or not hate.? Depends on who the bloody person is.?

Should I care or not care.? Can I afford to not care.? But if I care too much, would you hate me more.?

Should I be a hypocrite and continue respecting you then.? For the sake of unpredictable future purposes? Am I still truthful then? Is it right or wrong to do so.? I felt like a freaking user but what have I done to make you hate me so much.?

I look in the mirror, the image that's painted in front of me, self reflection. I try not to burden you, I try not to probe you, but it doesn't help that you didn't respond me at all.

I need a fucking answer and I understand perfectly well what your bloody ignorant signals meant. But regardless, I NEED to know. I don't wish to keep tagging or approaching you and sounds like your mom but please, certain questions do require at least an answer and why can't you just fucking say yes or no for a simple word or two is not gonna kill you.

Just because it's not important and sounds like whole load of nonsense to you doesn't mean the same thing apply to me. I am not that thick and ignorant enough to waste my time by asking you if it wasn't something that requires a feedback.

If you haven't the intention to attend me at all then don't fucking come looking for it in the beginning. I, like other people, understand what you're trying to do. Why show us the green light when you act like a bloody reddish light that just STOP once you're shiny greenish annoying litlle bulb magnificently did worked.?

A rather ungraceful post created due to exam traumas for blogs are meant to be therapeutic sometimes.

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