Thursday, November 02, 2006

Are you disappointed?

Sometimes, you woke up the middle of the night and suddenly it strikes you that, what have you done.? Self reflecting moment that happens in a least expected blue second that just decided to pops out of no where and say hello to the blank blurry face of yours.

How many times do we come across something that happens out of our way.? Not what we expect, or perhaps just something that had got a little off the line we've drawn earlier.

When disappointment visits us once a while, I wonder if there's people who analyze how they deal with it every time.? Do we just sulk, try and get over it and that's the end of it.? Or sat down and reflect what have gone wrong this time.?

There are also people who hardly agrees with failures and any disappointing moments. But then, none of us on this sphere is blessed or honored with super powers of immunity from coming face to face with such scene. After all, we are no God and no one is perfect

It only differs in how every individual comes to deal with these unwelcome yet inevitable traumas that happens once a while. It could be taken as a lesson if you allowed it to be, a form of motivation and guide to not repeat the same mistake again or simply a sign to show you how far you've gone and just a little bit more of improvement will bring you to the place you've always wanted to be.

Or perhaps, you chose the darker path, and take it as a black sign to wake you and start viewing reality for real. Another discouraging factor that contributes to your white flag.?

Sometimes, disappointment puts us in a dilemma. Should we not be shattered by it and continue striving for what we believe is best for us.? Or should would really try to accept the message it conveys, that its time to take another turn for this path clearly isn't what we're meant for.?

Are you really what you think you are.?

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