Wednesday, November 22, 2006


You pass by a playground and you saw kids falling off their bikes and still laughing hysterically with their little friends. It seems silly to you, seems heart wrenching to dear mother watching their kids getting hurt, but to them, its fun. Simple, yet you're yearning for it.

You look at those little monsters laughing heartily, without a slight sense of worry or pressure and you started to think, are there really that happy? Don't they have anything to think about.? (Yeah, how to pull some ingenious stunt to piss mom off.)

What about grown ups who always seems to be on top of the world every single day.? Its like in their dictionary, there's no such words as sad, tense or even problems.

Are those people of living joy has no negative traits at all in their blood.? Or simply they're so good in acting.? Or perhaps, they're just human who plays well in the expressing game.?

If only feelings can be expressed easily over drawing little smiley faces. Would life be so much easier then.? Expressing is never an easy job. Not to mention expressing it the right way, or the wrong way.

Is expressing what you felt the same as telling the truth.? Being honest about what you're feeling and thinking, and the direction both are heading, in revealing them out. Telling the truth, expressing your feeling, has these two little things always been on par?

There are times when your expression went rightly but the results went wrongly. You thought you've managed to expressed what you truly felt, but not knowingly at the same time, you indirectly hurt someone with your true feelings.

Are we wrong then in being honest.? Even in expressing what you felt, you have to be careful in order not to do it the wrong way that can meant something else to others. Is it necessary then.? Your feelings not only affects you, but also those around you.

If we're always too busy looking out for how others might felt because of what you felt, are we gonna have time to look after our own feelings then.? I'm not saying we should be the cold blooded bastard and don't give a shit but anyone at all, but what's the limit to it.? After all, can you always afford to put others before yourself first.? And isn't that a fool.? Or simply Mr. Nice Guy.?

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