Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm home and bored.

It surprises me that what a short time time could do to someone. If I was accustomed to the truth, it shouldn't have surprised me at all. It was something within me, something that I've thought before. Perhaps the then me was too stubborn to have yet acknowledge its rather unwelcome existence.?

You can wake up in the morning, hating someone you wish to kill and chop them into pieces and then feed them to stray dogs. But then when night fall, you love that person so much you secretly wish you're glued to them forever, silently praying that they love you as mush as you do. (I guess the same applies to loving someone till death now and hating them enough to kill them tomorrow)

But you never know whether its one sided and you're just the fool who's over sensitive and think a little too much. Or simply you're hallucinating.?

You asked yourself, whats wrong with me.? Or with them.? How could you change so fast.? Did you misjudge them at the beginning.? And now that you finally know them, you realise they're not so bad after all? Or perhaps, you've learn to love those whom you hate. Okay, learn to reduce your hatred to those you dislike.

Or simply you're the one who's acting odd by changing so fast and that particular person did not change after all.? You alter yourself into the circle and started to like them without realising that you're obviously changing into a different person.?

Which one are you.? Or which one am I.?

I wish I knew.

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