Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm home!!!

I sat here alone by the window, in a bumpy aircraft, gazing at water droplets gliding over the glass screen, passing by my eyes. The giant bird, taking off into the sky, enlightens the lonely me with the sight's of it's gigantic metal wing.

Flying through those fluffy whitish cotton cloud proves to be a rather shaky ride than the usual calm one. For the sky is crying, raindrops keep falling on my head. Even though I'm under a shelter and untouched. No, is I can't be touched. But yet, a sudden sense of comfort flows through my supposedly warm yet freezing blood, I'm heading home.

Perhaps there seem to be nothing special about going back or even missing home when you're far away from home. I guess, its not about the house or anything, it's the homey feeling. Not the fact that again, I'll locked myself within this small space facing white colour painted walls, a place I call my room. My safe womb outside mom's womb.

Flying across the South China Sea, with a sea of blue beneath me, slowly replaced by the pearly white cloud where we're buried temporarily but rather constantly. And not forgetting the bluish sky, that's slowly getting dark as minutes slowly ticked.

I actually realised I missed gazing up at the sky, slowly turning dark even before the clock strikes seven. It's rather odd, yet it felt nice. The panoramic view outside blended with the amazing colours of a beautiful horizon, a mixture of blue, white, orange, yellow and who knows what other colours.? Sun set after all is a beauty beyond any words.

With long freaky looking lightning bolts zooming down to earth as the bird gets nearer, instead of the usual melancholy message of dark weather, the only thing I could hear from my inner voice was, I'm home. I'm finally home.

And again, I manage to find myself enjoying travelling alone. It's a great reflection where everything around you turns into a story from your disclosed observation and interpretation. You see things differently, a rather new angle or perhaps a certain perspective that you seldom come across with.

I wonder how much have I've change or perhaps, grown this time.? After spending some time living alone in a complete foreign place.? I guess I have to read five month's worth of my own writings to find out.


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