Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh my dear neighbours.

Another long post of rants, spare me, it's the exam week. FINALS!

You see, when your brain is slightly too packed at a certain short period, your mind tend to do little tricks to you. A lot. And eventually every little things around you seems to be getting on your nerves. Everything is just too damn annoying to be ignored.

But then, one thing I've always always tolerated and clearly tested my patience to a great extent and still is, is the brilliance of my neighbours. Okay, call them level mates, block mates, com mates (College mates means you're in the same hostel) or whatsoever, I somehow wonder how do actually behave at home and how can they claimed to a civilised undergraduate student.

Okay, each level has two washroom, each at the end of each wing. And on my side, there's a few extremely intelligent ladies who smuggled in rice cooker and no, I'm in no way interested in whatever dishes they cook. But the most annoying unbearable thing is, instead of using the room that has 3 large sinks for washing purposes which is about two feet away from the washroom, they love the washroom tiny sink which is for brushing your yellow gooish teeth and washing your oily face. Not wash your greasy plates and bowls and flood the sink with extremely disgusting left overs of what ever you ate. Plus those insects that's attracted to these sort of stinking odor are all flying and crawling around the sink simply makes its completely repulsive. And of course, any sane human won't choose to use it and maybe there are smart asses that can stand the stench and torturing eye sight, like those who created them.

Another genius stunt by them is by messing up the sink right after the cleaning lady clean the bathroom. You see, when you walked into a clean bathroom, it feel so much better than a dirty one with oil stain in sinks and bits of food cloaked. And these smart ladies just LOVE to pollute them with their cooking stunts.

Not to mention their loo stunts and don't get me started with that!

Another thing about these ladies where I couldn't recognize them after they wrapped their head as always if they have to go somewhere, they love to clean their room. As in sweep their room all the time and their silly mind doesn't register that they should throw those dust and whatsoever stuff they swept into the dumpster, not the corridor way.

Yes, they just love to sweep sweep sweep everything out of their room and that's it! Which is pratically outside right next to their door, there's always a little poodle of dust and hairs (YUCK) and if you're unlucky or happens to be day dreaming, you might just step on it.

Imagine the cleaning lady rage! And no, the cleaning lady has nothing to do with me for I just don't believe that just because they're job is to clean the place doesn't mean you can dirty it all the time. They don't work 24 hours, not like you littering whole day long and expect everyone to follow behind your filthy little actions and clean up after you.

I've even witnessed the little lady who lived right next to me opening her door and straight away throw out water from her bottle right there! Hello, it's a flat cement floor with no holes for your water to flow away, not to mention your little dust cake.?

I was a little surprised by her act at first, but I soon found out that for them to discard anything outside their room is considered OKAY regardless where they throw it.

And the odd thing is that their room always looked so clean and neat when their cleaning stunts involve throwing stuff right outside the door, the corridor who I unfortunately have to always walk by being furthest away. And also they're brilliant loo stunts to dirty up the place that all of us have to use including them. DAMN..

Rantings done, study next. Great, just perfect!

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