Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The thunder roars over the heavenly sky, shaking dear old planet earth in a wistful way, at least to me it is. It shook the inhabitants, scaring us into hiding beneath our familiar warm cozy blanket that silently provides us with secure. The great thunder sounds that resembles a giant explosive that's just been released and a quake happened. One with only great volume that lingers long enough in our ear muffs that's as though screaming in front of our face, that our mature nature is exploding. It's rather disturbing, unnerving, in this place that's far away, in the middle of no where, less populated, even empty, in certain area. Yet, who are we to go against nature.? Silence in the air blended with strikes of lightning painting the grayish atmosphere indeed do send a sense of loneliness, creepiness and even fear, into those of us who's dwelling in a sea of uncertainties. Freaky as it is, the feeling of a suspicious looking stranger with no face, only the rhythmic footsteps, slowly crawling into our lup dup lup dup, pumping little cardiac muscular organ, dear heart.

It's been raining cats and dogs everyday, creepy thunder that send chills to our bodies, and it just contributes more to the blueish me, after all, it's the tense period of finals. Life, is such a life.

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