Sunday, November 26, 2006

Too much

Sometimes you find yourself staring at the mirror, looking at your own confused reflection and here comes the regular question. Am I thinking too much.?

Why do we always find ourselves stranded in a state full of excessive unnecessary thoughts.? Are we simply just doing some thinking without realising that it's too much.? Or like most people are, we're perfectly aware of what we're doing isn't any help at all but you just can't help it.? I mean, it's not like we shouldn't waste our time in thinking things, but just don't over do it. If only we could.

But I guess the roots lies where we have no control of what our brain decide to think. Come again, I think that's wrong. We have absolutely the rights and ability to control what we want to think and what we do not want to.

Just that how strong is our will power.? How strong are you to control what you're thinking and what you're not.? How tough can you get before you allow your mind to wander around.?

Thinking about something is completely different with thinking too much about something. But then again, when one is disturbed with a particular something, one is bound to think more about it. It's just a natural human response to whatever that's of our concern.

I guess it's another different story when you're thinking too much not because you're disturbed, but because you're too bloody free and just sitting there whole day waiting to poo. Hmmmmm....

I wonder is it the same when the situation involves more than one party and only one side is concerned or felt the issue and started the marathon thinking, does the problem lies within the thinker.? Or simply the thinker once again, did it again by thinking too much.?

I hate it when there's no absolute answers to certain inevitable questions. Then again, nothing is perfect and some questions are not meant to be answered. Then why do such questions exists.?

Good question.


|^2Sane| said...

childlike curiosity? we think "too much" because we are trying to model the real world in our thoughts, to try to find a solution to a problem and to define some rules that our action conforms to.


|^2Sane| said...

and it's not some questions are not meant to be answered but we just do not have the necessary time. so we write our thoughts so the future could carry on our work. =p

Plunny said...

But does time really answers everything.? Hardly isn't it.? And it's thinking too much is like a process of self explaination that wear us out all the time!!

|^2Sane| said...

perhaps not in ur lifetime. but time does solve everything, at least if we continue our pursuit of knowledge, im my opinion. however, u could say we will never reach the ultimate truth n thus it is just a waste of time to pursue it. but the only way to know that for sure, is the act to pursue knowledge. right?

i never understood myself the real meaning of 'thinking too much'. it could mean a repetitive thought on a problem we cant solve. if that is so, shouldnt we seek other perspective? or issit that we could not discuss the thoughts because of some reason? isnt that a catch 22 we put ourselves into?