Thursday, December 07, 2006


I never regard or take myself as someone who has seen a lot in my current life of twenty years lived, but neither do I think myself as a shallow thinker who have yet to seen anything at all.

Perhaps I have yet to seen what's considered as a lot, but it's not to be taken as little too, where I can proudly climb out of my invisible shield and say what I thought when it's necessary, or perhaps just add a little pinch of sugar to the tea I'm boiling.

As day goes by and you became a day older, things around you tends to shift or appear in a different manner that you initially thought about. It's not always what you expect it would be, after all, you're no God.

Acceptance turns an easier angle for you to go through, unexpected happenings finds their way in, and suddenly it struck you hard, you're getting flexible to things around you. Very indeed.

In the course of learning new things, your brain unknowingly undergoes the silent yet important lesson of absorbing not only what's been taught, but also what that discretely pass by and supposedly invisible too.

If you were able to pick up what was initially overlook, it sends a rather different message and perhaps signifies you're starting to learn. The fact that you're looking things from another perspective that will leads you into a more complete thinker. A better person perhaps.? Of course, if only you allow it to be.

It's even more vital when life took a sudden turning, and you've come to realise that it surprises you so much that you're actually capable of accepting the uncommon and even better, think from someone else's shoes that you would not be able to wear. Not, in your lifetime.

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