Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hard shoulders

I just got back from Sandakan yesterday, a four days trip which revolves around visiting my maternal grandparents and also heavy seafood indulgence. Arghhhh, all these food luxuries make me guilty.

This is the place where I crawl out from my mom's womb, spend the first three years of my short life here and that's it. Can I call this my hometown.? After all, I grew up in two different cities but not where I was born.

Anyway, the thing about a small city is that everywhere you go, you tend to bump into someone you know. And this happens every time.

I have not a single FRIEND here or acquaintance here at all. Everyone I knew here is somehow related or just relatives of a relative and the lines go on and on. And yet, every time I came back, no matter where I go, I still manage to bump into someone I do know.

Whether its because this nature city is really small, or because there's not much place to go and naturally people just turns up at the same place as you do. After all, there's not much choice and somehow, does this mean coincidence really exists.?

I realise I'm seeing things differently. For why, I do not know. For how, scenes playing in front of me are sending a different message to my brain cells, change of interpretation or simply my mind is playing tricks during this holidays.?

The massage lady told me I'm stressed, with hard shoulders when I'm not working nor studying now. I wonder why.? I'm nervous bout my first term results that's gonna be out in less than 12 hours, but I also know nothing is gonna change it already.

So, what's causing my tense shoulder.?

Me perhaps.?

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