Thursday, December 21, 2006

KLIA express

Under a special request, allow me to share a little audio encounter of a rather humiliating story of our dear Boleh Land.

Was inside the KLIA express and of course on my way to the airport no I just simply love the 28 minutes ride and take it for fun When the train was about to stop, clearly they would be announcing that the journey will come to its end and hope you'll enjoy the ride and bla bla bla bla, just the same usual noble saying like just before you disembark from an aircraft. HA! Imagine when I heard over the speakers that

"The train will terminate here."

WTF..? I was
completely stunned. Be it the train journey or our cruise voyage or thank you for flying with us rubbish, what sort of brilliant idiots will actually use the word TERMINATE to indicate that the little train trip has come to its destination and will end here.?

The genius word usage of TERMINATE is like telling the passengers, mind you that consist of people from around the globe ( which I'm perfectly sure know the international language of ENGLISH) all heading to the bloody well known international airport that the train is about to be terminated here and we'll all die here because of the sudden explosion of hell knows which compartment and we'll be blown into a million pieces. Okay, so I was exaggerating, so what.?

I did not catch the Malay version but I'm perfectly sure even if direct translation of terminate to DIMATIKAN isn't exactly a very wise choice of word besides our journey will end or stop here or perjalanan kami akan berhenti atau sampai sini sahaja.

Imagine, perjalanan kita akan dimatikan sekarang. Wow, isn't that simply fantastic. We're all gonna mati.?

And I guess being a Malaysian after all, I'll simply stop here to further criticise some of its public well known transport that's widely used by people that comes from all over the world all riding the nice train, fast and punctual arrival and the comfy compartment only to being informed the train will actually just be TERMINATED like any other machines instead of stopping like usual train does.

Wow, don't we just love our country.?

Okay, so I was wrong, but am not gonna delete this post. I just thought its a funny word choice because I didn't think it was a right word, but it wasn't wrong. Just not wise, at least I thought. And who am I to complain.? Just rant my two cents out. =P (23 Dec 2006)


Otto said...

Hey there! Merry Merry Christmas and fantastic near year!

If I am not mistaken, the word "terminate" is used on most tube (underground) and train journeys here in the UK. I will pay a little more attention the next time I take a train but I am pretty sure that was the word used.

How's life treating you?

Plunny said...

Ooops, I just thought it was pretty funny word choice...I'm still surviving, thanks for stopping by OTTO! =D

|^2Sane| said...

If its the last stop, the word 'terminate' is used. The London Underground uses that word, so does the entire national rail.